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Subject: Announcing Isabelle99-1

Isabelle99-1 is now available.  This release continues the line of
Isabelle99, introducing numerous improvements, both internal and user

In particular, great care has been taken to improve robustness and
ease use and installation of the complete Isabelle working
environment, including the Proof General user interface support, WWW
presentation of theories and the Isabelle document preparation system.

The most prominent highlights of Isabelle99-1 are as follows.

  * Isabelle/Isar improvements (Markus Wenzel)
      o Support of tactic-emulation scripts for easy porting of legacy ML
        scripts (see also the HOL/Lambda example).
      o Better support for scalable verification tasks (manage large
        contexts in induction, generalized existence reasoning etc.)
      o Hindley-Milner polymorphism for proof texts.
      o More robust document preparation, better LaTeX output due to
        fake math-mode.
      o Extended "Isabelle/Isar Reference Manual"

  * HOL/MicroJava (Gerwin Klein, Tobias Nipkow, David von Oheimb, and
    Cornelia Pusch)
    Formalization of a fragment of Java, together with a corresponding
    virtual machine and a specification of its bytecode verifier and a
    lightweight bytecode verifier, including proofs of type-safety.

  * HOL/Real (Jacques Fleuriot)
    More on nonstandard real analysis.

  * HOL/Algebra (Clemens Ballarin)
    Rings and univariate polynomials.

  * HOL/NumberTheory (Thomas Rasmussen)
    Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Chinese Remainder Theorem,
    Fermat/Euler Theorem, Wilson's Theorem.

  * HOL/Lambda (Stefan Berghofer and Tobias Nipkow)
    More on termination of simply-typed lambda-terms; converted into
    an Isabelle/Isar tactic emulation script.

  * HOL/Lattice (Markus Wenzel)
    Lattices and orders in Isabelle/Isar.

  * HOL/Isar_examples (Markus Wenzel)
    More examples, including a formulation of Hoare Logic in Isabelle/Isar.

  * HOL/Prolog (David von Oheimb)
    A (bare-bones) implementation of Lambda-Prolog.

See the NEWS file distributed with Isabelle for more details.

You may get Isabelle99-1 from any of the following mirror sites:

  Cambridge (UK)
  Munich (Germany)
  New Jersey (USA)
  Stanford (USA)