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domain package: * theorems are stored in the theory * creates hierachical name space * minor changes to some names and values (for consistency), e.g. cases -> casedist, dists_eq -> dist_eqs, [take_lemma] -> take_lemmas * separator between mutual domain definitions changed from "," to "and" * minor debugging of Domain_Library.mk_var_names

(*  Title:      HOLCF/ROOT.ML
    ID:         $Id$
    Author:     Franz Regensburger
    Copyright   1993 Technische Universitaet Muenchen

ROOT file for the conservative extension of HOL by the LCF logic.
Should be executed in subdirectory HOLCF.

val banner = "HOLCF";
writeln banner;

print_depth 1;

use_thy "HOLCF";

(* sections axioms, ops *)
use "ax_ops/holcflogic.ML";
use "ax_ops/thy_axioms.ML";
use "ax_ops/thy_ops.ML";
use "ax_ops/thy_syntax.ML";

(* sections domain, generated *)

use "domain/library.ML";
use "domain/syntax.ML";
use "domain/axioms.ML";
use "domain/theorems.ML";
use "domain/extender.ML";
use "domain/interface.ML";

print_depth 10;  

val HOLCF_build_completed = (); (*indicate successful build*)