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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Isabelle Logics</TITLE></HEAD>
 <img src="Tools/Isabelle.gif"><P>
 <i>The Logical Choice!</i>
Click on the logic's name to view a list of its theories.
First-Order Logic
  <LI><A HREF = "FOL/index.html">FOL</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "ZF/index.html">ZF (Set Theory)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "CCL/index.html">CCL (Classical Computational Logic)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "LCF/index.html">LCF (Logic of Computable Functions)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "FOLP/index.html">FOLP (FOL with Proof Terms)</A>
Higher-Order Logic
  <LI><A HREF = "HOL/index.html">HOL</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "HOLCF/index.html">HOLCF 
		   (Higher-Order Logic of Computable Functions)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "Sequents/index.html">Sequents 
	  (first-order, modal and linear logics)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "CTT/index.html">CTT (Constructive Type Theory)</A>
  <LI><A HREF = "Cube/index.html">Cube (The Lambda Cube)</A>