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    Test configuration descriptions for mira.

import os
from os import path
from glob import glob
import subprocess
from datetime import datetime
import re

import util
from util import Lazy

from import Report, Report_Content
from import Case
from import tool
from mira import schedule, misc
from mira.environment import scheduler
from mira import repositories

# build and evaluation tools

def prepare_isabelle_repository(loc_isabelle, loc_contrib, loc_dependency_heaps,
  usedir_options='', more_settings=''):

    # prepare components
    loc_contrib = path.expanduser(loc_contrib)
    if not path.exists(loc_contrib):
        raise IOError('Bad file: %s' % loc_contrib)
    subprocess.check_call(['ln', '-s', loc_contrib, '%s/contrib' % loc_isabelle])

    # patch settings
    extra_settings = '''


source "${ISABELLE_HOME}/Admin/init_components"

''' + more_settings

    writer = open(path.join(loc_isabelle, 'etc', 'settings'), 'a')

def isabelle_getenv(isabelle_home, var):

    _, out = env.run_process('%s/bin/isabelle' % isabelle_home, 'getenv', var)
    return out.split('=', 1)[1].strip()

def extract_isabelle_run_timing(logdata):

    def to_secs(h, m, s):
        return (int(h) * 60 + int(m)) * 60 + int(s)
    pat = r'Finished (\S+) \((\d+):(\d+):(\d+) elapsed time, (\d+):(\d+):(\d+) cpu time'
    pat2 = r'Timing (\S+) \((\d+) threads, (\d+\.\d+)s elapsed time, (\d+\.\d+)s cpu time, (\d+\.\d+)s GC time, factor (\d+\.\d+)\)'
    t = dict((name, {'elapsed': to_secs(eh,em,es), 'cpu': to_secs(ch,cm,cs)})
             for name, eh, em, es, ch, cm, cs in re.findall(pat, logdata))
    for name, threads, elapsed, cpu, gc, factor in re.findall(pat2, logdata):

        if name not in t:
            t[name] = {}

        t[name]['threads'] = int(threads)
        t[name]['elapsed_inner'] = elapsed
        t[name]['cpu_inner'] = cpu
        t[name]['gc'] = gc
        t[name]['factor'] = factor

    return t

def extract_isabelle_run_summary(logdata):

    re_error = re.compile(r'^(?:make: )?\*\*\* (.*)$', re.MULTILINE)
    summary = '\n'.join(re_error.findall(logdata))
    if summary == '':
        summary = 'ok'

    return summary

def extract_image_size(isabelle_home):
    isabelle_output = isabelle_getenv(isabelle_home, 'ISABELLE_OUTPUT')
    return dict((p, path.getsize(path.join(isabelle_output, p))) for p in os.listdir(isabelle_output) if p != "log")

def extract_report_data(isabelle_home, logdata):

    return {
        'timing': extract_isabelle_run_timing(logdata),
        'image_size': extract_image_size(isabelle_home) }

def import_isatest_log(env, conf, logfile):

    """Imports isatest log file as a report."""

    def the_match(pat, text, name):
        match =, text)
        if not match: raise Exception('No match found for ' + name)
        return match.groups()

    def parse_date(d):
        return datetime.strptime(d, '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Z %Y')

    log = util.readfile(logfile)

    (begin_date, host) = the_match(r'-+ starting test -+ ([^-]*) -+ (\S*)', log, 'start tag')
    (isabelle_version,) = the_match(r'Isabelle version: ([a-f0-9]{12})', log, 'Isabelle version')
    (success, end_date) = the_match(r'-+ test (successful|FAILED) -+ ([^-]*) -', log, 'end tag')
    summary = extract_isabelle_run_summary(log)
    data = {'timing': extract_isabelle_run_timing(log)}
    atts = {'log': Lazy.simple(log)}

    content = Report_Content(summary, host, parse_date(begin_date),
      parse_date(end_date), Lazy.simple(data), atts)
    revision = ('Isabelle', env.repositories.get('Isabelle')[isabelle_version].hex())
    case = Case(conf, [revision])

    env.report_db.put(case, (success == 'successful'), content)

def isabelle_build(env, case, paths, dep_paths, playground, *cmdargs, **kwargs):

    more_settings=kwargs.get('more_settings', '')

    isabelle_home = paths[0]

    # copy over build results from dependencies
    heap_dir = path.join(isabelle_home, 'heaps')
    classes_dir = path.join(heap_dir, 'classes')

    for dep_path in dep_paths:
        subprocess.check_call(['cp', '-a'] + glob(dep_path + '/*') + [heap_dir])

    subprocess.check_call(['ln', '-s', classes_dir, path.join(isabelle_home, 'lib', 'classes')])
    jars = glob(path.join(classes_dir, 'ext', '*.jar'))
    if jars:
        subprocess.check_call(['touch'] + jars)

    # misc preparations
    if 'lxbroy10' in misc.hostnames():  # special settings for lxbroy10
        more_settings += '''
ML_OPTIONS="-H 4000 --gcthreads 4"


    prepare_isabelle_repository(isabelle_home, env.settings.contrib, None,
      usedir_options="", more_settings=more_settings)

    # invoke build tool
    (return_code, log) = env.run_process('%s/bin/isabelle' % isabelle_home, 'build', '-s', '-v', *cmdargs)

    # collect report
    return (return_code == 0, extract_isabelle_run_summary(log),
      extract_report_data(isabelle_home, log), {'log': log}, heap_dir)

# Isabelle configurations

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [])
def Pure(*args):
    """Pure Image"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "Pure")))

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(Pure, [0])])
def HOL(*args):
    """HOL Image"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "HOL")))

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def HOL_Library(*args):
    """HOL Library"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "HOL-Library")))

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def HOLCF(*args):
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "HOLCF")))

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(Pure, [0])])
def ZF(*args):
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "ZF")))


@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [])
def Isabelle_makeall(*args):
    """Build all sessions"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-j", "6", "-o", "threads=4", "-a")), more_settings=settings64)

# Mutabelle configurations

def invoke_mutabelle(theory, env, case, paths, dep_paths, playground):

    """Mutant testing for counterexample generators in Isabelle"""

    (loc_isabelle,) = paths
    (dep_isabelle,) = dep_paths
    more_settings = '''
    prepare_isabelle_repository(loc_isabelle, env.settings.contrib, dep_isabelle,
      more_settings = more_settings)
    (return_code, log) = env.run_process('bin/isabelle',
      'mutabelle', '-O', playground, theory)
        mutabelle_log = util.readfile(path.join(playground, 'log'))
    except IOError:
        mutabelle_log = ''

    mutabelle_data = dict(
        (tool, {'counterexample': c, 'no_counterexample': n, 'timeout': t, 'error': e})
        for tool, c, n, t, e in re.findall(r'(\S+)\s+: C: (\d+) N: (\d+) T: (\d+) E: (\d+)', log))

    return (return_code == 0 and mutabelle_log != '', extract_isabelle_run_summary(log),
      {'mutabelle_results': {theory: mutabelle_data}},
      {'log': log, 'mutabelle_log': mutabelle_log}, None)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_Relation(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on Relation theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('Relation', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_List(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on List theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('List', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_Set(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on Set theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('Set', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_Map(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on Map theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('Map', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_Divides(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on Divides theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('Divides', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_MacLaurin(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on MacLaurin theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('MacLaurin', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def Mutabelle_Fun(*args):
    """Mutabelle regression suite on Fun theory"""
    return invoke_mutabelle('Fun', *args)

mutabelle_confs = 'Mutabelle_Relation Mutabelle_List Mutabelle_Set Mutabelle_Map Mutabelle_Divides Mutabelle_MacLaurin Mutabelle_Fun'.split(' ')

def mutabelle_scheduler(env):
    """Scheduler for Mutabelle."""
    return schedule.age_scheduler(env, 'Isabelle', mutabelle_confs)

# Judgement Day configurations

judgement_day_provers = ('e', 'spass', 'vampire', 'z3', 'cvc3', 'yices')

def judgement_day(base_path, theory, opts, env, case, paths, dep_paths, playground):
    """Judgement Day regression suite"""

    isa = paths[0]
    dep_path = dep_paths[0]

    os.chdir(path.join(playground, '..', base_path)) # Mirabelle requires specific cwd
    prepare_isabelle_repository(isa, env.settings.contrib, dep_path)

    output = {}
    success_rates = {}
    some_success = False

    for atp in judgement_day_provers:

        log_dir = path.join(playground, 'mirabelle_log_' + atp)

        cmd = ('%s/bin/isabelle mirabelle -q -O %s sledgehammer[prover=%s,%s] %s.thy'
               % (isa, log_dir, atp, opts, theory))

        output[atp] = util.readfile(path.join(log_dir, theory + '.log'))

        percentages = list(re.findall(r'Success rate: (\d+)%', output[atp]))
        if len(percentages) == 2:
            success_rates[atp] = {
                'sledgehammer': int(percentages[0]),
                'metis': int(percentages[1])}
            if success_rates[atp]['sledgehammer'] > 0:
                some_success = True
            success_rates[atp] = {}

    data = {'success_rates': success_rates}
    raw_attachments = dict((atp + "_output", output[atp]) for atp in judgement_day_provers)
    # FIXME: summary?
    return (some_success, '', data, raw_attachments, None)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def JD_NS(*args):
    """Judgement Day regression suite NS"""
    return judgement_day('Isabelle/src/HOL/Auth', 'NS_Shared', 'prover_timeout=10', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def JD_FTA(*args):
    """Judgement Day regression suite FTA"""
    return judgement_day('Isabelle/src/HOL/Library', 'Fundamental_Theorem_Algebra', 'prover_timeout=10', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def JD_Hoare(*args):
    """Judgement Day regression suite Hoare"""
    return judgement_day('Isabelle/src/HOL/IMPP', 'Hoare', 'prover_timeout=10', *args)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(HOL, [0])])
def JD_SN(*args):
    """Judgement Day regression suite SN"""
    return judgement_day('Isabelle/src/HOL/Proofs/Lambda', 'StrongNorm', 'prover_timeout=10', *args)

JD_confs = 'JD_NS JD_FTA JD_Hoare JD_SN JD_Arrow JD_FFT JD_Jinja JD_QE JD_S2S'.split(' ')

def judgement_day_scheduler(env):
    """Scheduler for Judgement Day."""
    return schedule.age_scheduler(env, 'Isabelle', JD_confs)


smlnj_settings = '''
ML_OPTIONS="@SMLdebug=/dev/null @SMLalloc=1024"
ML_PLATFORM=$(eval $("$ML_HOME/.arch-n-opsys" 2>/dev/null); echo "$HEAP_SUFFIX")

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [(Pure, [0])])
def SML_HOL(*args):
    """HOL image built with SML/NJ"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-b", "HOL")), more_settings=smlnj_settings)

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [])
def SML_makeall(*args):
    """SML/NJ build of all possible sessions"""
    return isabelle_build(*(args + ("-j", "3", "-a")), more_settings=smlnj_settings)

# Legacy Isabelle configurations

# distribution and documentation Build

@configuration(repos = [Isabelle], deps = [])
def Distribution(env, case, paths, dep_paths, playground):
    """Build of distribution"""
    ## FIXME This is rudimentary; study Admin/CHECKLIST to complete this configuration accordingly
    isabelle_home = paths[0]
    (return_code, log) = env.run_process(path.join(isabelle_home, 'Admin', 'Release', 'makedist'),
      REPOS = repositories.get(Isabelle).local_path, DISTPREFIX = os.getcwd())
    return (return_code == 0, '', ## FIXME might add summary here
      {}, {'log': log}, None) ## FIXME might add proper result here

def isabelle_dependency_only(env, case, paths, dep_paths, playground):

    isabelle_home = paths[0]
    result = path.join(isabelle_home, 'heaps')
    for dep_path in dep_paths:
        subprocess.check_call(['cp', '-R'] + glob(dep_path + '/*') + [result])

    return (True, 'ok', {}, {}, result)