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consolidated main cronjob server on virtual machine together with build_log database; eliminated special tricks for Gentoo; import plain_identify logs, export all logs for backup; run build_release, build_history_base in parallel to remote_build_history tasks;

Administrative Isabelle cronjob

- main server: virtual machine with cronjob and build_log database
- backup file-system (for cumulative log files): isatest@lxbroy10:cronjob
- backup identify job: isatest@lxbroy5

- jobs: manual installation on target directory:
    cp "$ISABELLE_HOME/Admin/cronjob/self_update "$HOME/cronjob/self_update"
    cp "$ISABELLE_HOME/Admin/cronjob/plain_identify "$HOME/cronjob/plain_identify"

- crontab: manual update on target machine
    crontab -l
    crontab -e

- $HOME/cronjob/run/ -- run-time state

- $HOME/cronjob/log/ -- cumulative log area

Build Log Database Server

- Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Linux Server standard installation

- apt install unattended-upgrades

- special user account:
  useradd -m -s /bin/bash isatest

- SSH access for jsch (on each client):
  LOCALHOST$ ssh-keyscan -t rsa DBSERVER
  >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

- PostgreSQL:

  $ apt install postgresql
  $ apt install postgresql-client

  $ sudo -u postgres psql template1
  ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password '***';

  $ edit /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/pg_hba.conf
  local all postgres md5
  local all all md5

  $ systemctl restart postgresql.service

  $ createuser -U postgres --interactive isatest
  ALTER USER isatest with encrypted password '***';

  $ createdb -E UTF8 -T template0 --locale=en_US.utf8 -U postgres -O isatest isatest

- Database backup or migration:

     pg_dump -U postgres -Fc -v -d isatest > db.dump
  pg_restore -U postgres -Fc -v -d isatest < db.dump