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<H2>CTT: Constructive Type Theory</H2>

This directory contains the Standard ML sources of the Isabelle system for
Constructive Type Theory (extensional equality, no universes).  Important
files include

<DD>loads all source files.  Enter an ML image containing Pure
Isabelle and type: use "ROOT.ML";<P>

<DD>compiles the files under Poly/ML or SML of New Jersey<P>

<DD>subdirectory containing examples.  To execute them, enter an ML image
containing CTT and type: use "ex/ROOT.ML";<P>

Useful references on Constructive Type Theory:

<LI>	B. Nordström, K. Petersson and J. M. Smith,<BR>
	Programming in Martin-Löf's Type Theory<BR>
	(Oxford University Press, 1990)

<LI>	Simon Thompson,<BR>
	Type Theory and Functional Programming (Addison-Wesley, 1991)