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        <h2>What is Isabelle?</h2> 
        Isabelle is a popular generic theorem proving environment
        developed at Cambridge University (<a
        href="">Larry Paulson</a>)
        and TU Munich (<a href="">Tobias
        Nipkow</a>).  See the <a href="overview.html">Isabelle
        This site provides general information on Isabelle, more
        specific information is available from the local sites


            <li><a href=""><strong>Isabelle
                  at Cambridge</strong></a></li>

            <li><a href=""><strong>Isabelle
                   at Munich</strong></a></li>


          See there for information on projects done with Isabelle,
          mailing list archives, research papers, the Isabelle
          bibliography, and Isabelle workshops and courses.

        <h2>Now available: Isabelle 2005</h2>
         <p>Some highlights:</p>
	      <li>Interpretation of locale expressions in theories, locales, and proof contexts.</li>
	      <li>Substantial library improvements (HOL, HOL-Complex, HOLCF).</li>
	      <li>Proof tools for transitivity reasoning.</li>
	      <li>General <code>find_theorems</code> command (by term patterns, as intro/elim/simp rules etc.).</li>
	      <li>Commands for generating adhoc draft documents.</li>
	      <li>Support for Unicode proof documents (UTF-8).</li>
	      <li>Major internal reorganizations and performance improvements.</li>

<p><a href="//dist/Isabelle/NEWS">[Cumulative NEWS]</a></p>


Isabelle is distributed for free under the BSD license.  It includes
source and binary packages and browsable documentation, see the <a
href="installation.html">installation instructions</a>. You can also
browse the <a href="//dist/library/index.html">Isabelle theory
library</a> online.

Use the mailing list <a href=
          ""></a> and its
          <a href="">archive</a> to
discuss problems and results.  To subscribe, <a href=
          contact our robot</a>.

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