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simplified main Isabelle executables: removed Isabelle and isabelle (replaced by isabelle-process), renamed isatool to isabelle;

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# $Id$
# Author: Makarius
# DESCRIPTION: Update standard keyword files.

ISABELLE_HOME="$(isabelle getenv -b ISABELLE_HOME)"
LOG="$(isabelle getenv -b ISABELLE_OUTPUT)"/log

## Emacs ProofGeneral


isabelle keywords -t emacs \
  "$LOG/Pure.gz" "$LOG/Pure-ProofGeneral.gz" "$LOG/HOL.gz" "$LOG/HOLCF.gz" \
  "$LOG/IOA.gz" "$LOG/HOL-Nominal.gz" "$LOG/HOL-Statespace.gz"

isabelle keywords -t emacs -k ZF \
  "$LOG/Pure.gz" "$LOG/Pure-ProofGeneral.gz" "$LOG/FOL.gz" "$LOG/ZF.gz"

## jEdit

cd "$ISABELLE_HOME/lib/jedit"

isabelle keywords -t jedit \
  "$LOG/Pure.gz" "$LOG/HOL.gz" "$LOG/HOLCF.gz" "$LOG/IOA.gz" "$LOG/HOL-Nominal.gz" \
  "$LOG/HOL-Statespace.gz" "$LOG/FOL.gz" "$LOG/ZF.gz"