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Multithreading in Poly/ML (version 5.1).

How to install a repository version of Isabelle.

The following assumes that you have successfully checked out Isabelle
from CVS into a directory $ISABELLE (by default 'isabelle')

The directory structure of the repository is different from the
distribution. The root directory $ISABELLE is the src
subdirectory in the distribution. The 'normal' distribution
directories are found in $ISABELLE/Distribution.

To work directly on a working copy of the repository, do the following:

Change directory to "$ISABELLE/Distribution/bin" and execute:
   ./isatool install -p ~/bin

This will install Isabelle executables in ~/bin.  Then issue in
directory "$ISABELLE/Distribution"
   ln -s .. src

This tells the Isabelle binaries where to find the theories.

In $ISABELLE/Distribution/contrib install PolyML and
ProofGeneral. Download the corresponding packages from and unpack them in
$ISABELLE/Distribution/contrib.  If you have already installed them
elsewhere, it is sufficient to create a symbolic link in contrib to
the main PolyML and ProofGeneral directories. The links should be
called 'polyml' and 'ProofGeneral'.

Before you can build logic images it is necessary to initialise
generation of browser info.  Change to the directory
"$ISABELLE/Distribution/lib/browser" and issue

Java JDK 1.1 or greater needs to be installed for this to work.

Now you can build images by going to corresponding folders and issuing:
   isatool make

(for instance, in "$ISABELLE/HOL" in order to make HOL).  This
will create the directory "~/isabelle" (if not already present).

After setting up the local copy of Isabelle, changes in the repository
can be imported by:
   cvs update -d -P

(-d causes cvs to create directories that have appeared in the
repository since the last update, -P causes directories that have been
removed from the repository to be pruned).

Internal environment variables

  $ISABELLE_HOME is the directory "isabelle/Distribution" from above.
  $ISABELLE_HOME_USER is the directory "~/isabelle".