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eliminated spurious Unicode, which is in conflict with Isabelle symbol interpretation;

Poly/ML for Isabelle

This compilation of Poly/ML 5.6 ( is based on the source
distribution from

On Linux the sources have changed as follows, in order to evade a
potential conflict of /bin/bash versus /bin/sh -> dash (notably on
Ubuntu and Debian):

diff -r src-orig/libpolyml/process_env.cpp src/libpolyml/process_env.cpp
<                 execve("/bin/sh", argv, environ);
>                 execvp("bash", argv);

The included build script is used like this:

  ./build src x86-linux --with-gmp
  ./build src x86_64-linux --with-gmp
  ./build src x86-darwin --without-gmp
  ./build src x86_64-darwin --without-gmp
  ./build src x86-windows --with-gmp
  ./build src x86_64-windows --with-gmp

Also note that the separate "sha1" library module is required for
efficient digestion of strings according to SHA-1.