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Subject: Announcing Isabelle2018

Isabelle2018 is now available.

This version introduces many changes over Isabelle2017: see the NEWS
file for further details. Here are the main points:

* Improved infix notation within terms.

* Improved syntax for formal comments, within terms and other languages.

* Improved management of ROOT files and session-qualified theories.

* Various improvements of document preparation.

* Many Isabelle/jEdit improvements, including semantic IDE for BibTeX.

* Numerous HOL library improvements, including HOL-Algebra.

* Substantial additions to HOL-Analysis.

* Isabelle server for reactive communication with other programs.

* More uniform 64-bit platform support: smaller Isabelle application.

You may get Isabelle2018 from the following mirror sites:

  Cambridge (UK)
  Munich (Germany)
  Sydney (Australia)
  Potsdam, NY (USA)