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Simplified proofs by omitting PA = {|XA, ...|} from RA2


This directory contains ML sources of generic theorem proving tools.
Typically, they can be applied to various logics, provided rules of a
certain form are derivable.  Some of these are documented in the
Reference Manual.

blast.ML                -- generic tableau prover with proof reconstruction
classical.ML            -- theorem prover for classical logics
genelim.ML              -- bits and pieces for deriving elimination rules
hypsubst.ML             -- tactic to substitute in the hypotheses
ind.ML                  -- a simple induction package
simp.ML                 -- powerful but slow simplifier
simplifier.ML           -- fast simplifier
splitter.ML             -- performs case splits for simplifier.ML
typedsimp.ML            -- basic simplifier for explicitly typed logics

directory Arith:
  nat_transitive.ML     -- simple package for inequalities over nat