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      <h2>Project partners</h2>

      <p>Isabelle is a joint project between
      <a href="">Larry Paulson</a>
      (<a href="">University of Cambridge</a>, UK) and
      <a href="">Tobias Nipkow</a>
      (<a href="">Technical University of Munich</a>, Germany).</p>

      <p>There is an (incomplete) list of past and present <a href=
      undertaken using Isabelle.</p>

      <h2>Mailing list</h2> 

      <p>You may use the mailing list <a href=
          ""></a> and its
          <a href="">archive</a> to discuss
          problems and results. To subscribe, <a href=
          contact our robot</a>.</p>

      <h2>Contributing theorems</h2>

      <p>Did you have to prove a lemma that should have been part
      of the Isabelle distribution? Send it to us!</p>

      <p>We will collect theorems sent to <a href=
      Accepted material will be included in the Isabelle sources, with credit given
      to the author. Note that the Isabelle sources are distributed under the BSD
      license. Lemmas should be general, useful, and not too large. For larger
      developments you might want to consider a submission to the
      <a href="">Archive of Formal Proofs</a>.</p>

      <h2 id="afp">The Archive of Formal Proofs (AFP)</h2>

      <p>The <a href="">Archive of Formal Proofs</a> is a collection of proof
      libraries, examples, and larger scientifc developments, mechanically checked
      in Isabelle. It is organized in the way of a scientific journal. Submissions
      are refereed.</p>

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