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        <h2><?value key="distname"?></h2>

        <p>The following source and binary packages of <?value key="distname"?>
        provide everything required for easy installation of the full Isabelle
        working environment on common Unix platforms (e.g. Linux, MacOS X,
        Solaris). We provide a complete set of packages for Isabelle, Proof
        General, and PolyML.</p>
        <p>While XEmacs 21 is not included here, most operating system
        distributions already provide a suitable package. Some of the
        packages below are platform dependent; we include binaries for
        Linux/x86, Solaris/Sparc, and Darwin/PPC (MacOS X).</p>
        <p>Please see the <a href="installation.html">installation instructions</a>
        for which packages to download and for more information.</p>

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        <h2>Development snapshot</h2>

        <p>For the curious we provide a nightly generated
        CVS <a href="">development snapshot</a> of
        Isabelle. <em>Use at your own risk!</em></p>

        <h2>Past releases</h2>

        <p>Past releases are available from the <a href="download_past.html">archive</a>.</p>

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