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\title{Isabelle's Object-Logics}

\author{{\em Lawrence C. Paulson}\thanks{Tobias Nipkow and Markus Wenzel
    suggested changes and corrections.  Philippe de Groote wrote the
    first version of the logic~\LK{} and contributed to~\ZF{}.  Tobias
    Nipkow developed~\HOL{}, \LCF{} and~\Cube{}.  Philippe No\"el and
    Martin Coen made many contributions to~\ZF{}.  Martin Coen
    developed~\Modal{} with assistance from Rajeev Gor\'e.  The research
    has been funded by the SERC (grants GR/G53279, GR/H40570) and by ESPRIT
    project 6453: Types.}\\ 
  Computer Laboratory \\ 
  University of Cambridge \\[2ex] 
  {\small{\em Electronic mail\/}: {\tt}} \\[3cm]
  {\small Copyright \copyright{} \number\year{} by Lawrence C. Paulson} }


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