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Addition of cardinals and order types, various tidying

(*  Title:      Pure/install_pp.ML
    ID:         $Id$

Set up automatic toplevel printing.

install_pp (make_pp ["Thm", "thm"] pprint_thm);
install_pp (make_pp ["Thm", "theory"] pprint_theory);
install_pp (make_pp ["Thm", "cterm"] pprint_cterm);
install_pp (make_pp ["Thm", "ctyp"] pprint_ctyp);
install_pp (make_pp ["Sign", "sg"] Sign.pprint_sg);
install_pp (make_pp ["Syntax", "ast"] Syntax.pprint_ast);
install_pp (make_pp ["typ"] Syntax.simple_pprint_typ);

install_pp (make_pp ["term"] pprint_term);
install_pp (make_pp ["typ"] pprint_typ);