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some lemmas about the lex ordering on lists, etc.

For the purposes of the license agreement in the file COPYRIGHT, a
'contributor' is anybody who is listed in this file (CONTRIBUTORS) or who is
listed as an author in one of the source files of this Isabelle distribution.

Contributions to this Isabelle2020

* 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  More scalable Isabelle dump and underlying headless PIDE session.

* December 2019:
  Basil Fürer, Andreas Lochbihler, Joshua Schneider, Dmitriy Traytel
  Extension of lift_bnf to support quotient types.

* October 2019: Maximilian Schäffeler
  Port of the HOL Light decision procedure for metric spaces.

* January 2020: LC Paulson
  The full finite Ramsey's theorem and elements of finite and infinite 
  Ramsey theory.

* February 2020: E. Gunther, M. Pagano and P. Sánchez Terraf
  Simplified, generalised version of ZF/Constructible.

Contributions to Isabelle2019

* April 2019: LC Paulson
  Homology and supporting lemmas on topology and group theory

* April 2019: Paulo de Vilhena and Martin Baillon
  Group theory developments, esp. algebraic closure of a field

* February/March 2019: Makarius Wenzel
  Stateless management of export artifacts in the Isabelle/HOL code generator.

* February 2019: Manuel Eberl
  Exponentiation by squaring, used to implement "power" in monoid_mult and
  fast modular exponentiation.

* February 2019: Manuel Eberl
  Carmichael's function, primitive roots in residue rings, more properties of
  the order in residue rings.

* February 2019: Jeremy Sylvestre
  Formal Laurent Series and overhaul of Formal power series.

* January 2019: Florian Haftmann
  Clarified syntax and congruence rules for big operators on sets involving
  the image operator.

* January 2019: Florian Haftmann
  Renovation of code generation, particularly export into session data and
  proper strings and proper integers based on zarith for OCaml.

* January 2019: Andreas Lochbihler
  New implementation for case_of_simps based on Code_Lazy's pattern matching
  elimination algorithm.

* November/December 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  Support for Isabelle/Haskell applications of Isabelle/PIDE.

* August/September 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  Improvements of headless Isabelle/PIDE session and server, and systematic
  exports from theory documents.

* December 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Generic executable sorting algorithms based on executable comparators.

* October 2018: Mathias Fleury
  Proof reconstruction for the SMT solver veriT in the smt method.

Contributions to Isabelle2018

* July 2018: Manuel Eberl
  "real_asymp" proof method for automatic proofs of real limits, "Big-O"
  statements, etc.

* June 2018: Fabian Immler
  More tool support for HOL-Types_To_Sets.

* June 2018: Martin Baillon and Paulo Emílio de Vilhena
  A variety of contributions to HOL-Algebra.

* June 2018: Wenda Li
  New/strengthened results involving analysis, topology, etc.

* May/June 2018: Makarius Wenzel
  System infrastructure to export blobs as theory presentation, and to dump
  PIDE database content in batch mode.

* May 2018: Manuel Eberl
  Landau symbols and asymptotic equivalence (moved from the AFP).

* May 2018: Jose Divasón (Universidad de la Rioja),
  Jesús Aransay (Universidad de la Rioja), Johannes Hölzl (VU Amsterdam),
  Fabian Immler (TUM)
  Generalizations in the formalization of linear algebra.

* May 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Consolidation of string-like types in HOL.

* May 2018: Andreas Lochbihler (Digital Asset),
  Pascal Stoop (ETH Zurich)
  Code generation with lazy evaluation semantics.

* March 2018: Florian Haftmann
  Abstract bit operations push_bit, take_bit, drop_bit, alongside with an
  algebraic foundation for bit strings and word types in HOL-ex.

* March 2018: Viorel Preoteasa
  Generalisation of complete_distrib_lattice

* February 2018: Wenda Li
  A unified definition for the order of zeros and poles. Improved reasoning
  around non-essential singularities.

* January 2018: Sebastien Gouezel
  Various small additions to HOL-Analysis

* December 2017: Jan Gilcher, Andreas Lochbihler, Dmitriy Traytel
  A new conditional parametricity prover.

* October 2017: Alexander Maletzky
  Derivation of axiom "iff" in theory HOL.HOL from the other axioms.

Contributions to Isabelle2017

* September 2017: Lawrence Paulson
  HOL-Analysis, e.g. simplicial complexes, Jordan Curve Theorem.

* September 2017: Jasmin Blanchette
  Further integration of Nunchaku model finder.

* November 2016 - June 2017: Makarius Wenzel
  New Isabelle/VSCode, with underlying restructuring of Isabelle/PIDE.

* 2017: Makarius Wenzel
  Session-qualified theory names (theory imports and ROOT files).
  Prover IDE improvements.
  Support for SQL databases in Isabelle/Scala: SQLite and PostgreSQL.

* August 2017: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  type of unordered pairs (HOL-Library.Uprod)

* August 2017: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  HOL-Analysis: infinite products over natural numbers,
  infinite sums over arbitrary sets, connection between formal
  power series and analytic complex functions

* March 2017: Alasdair Armstrong, University of Sheffield and
  Simon Foster, University of York
  Fixed-point theory and Galois Connections in HOL-Algebra.

* February 2017: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Statically embedded computations implemented by generated code.

Contributions to Isabelle2016-1

* December 2016: Ondřej Kunčar, TUM
  Types_To_Sets: experimental extension of Higher-Order Logic to allow
  translation of types to sets.

* October 2016: Jasmin Blanchette
  Integration of Nunchaku model finder.

* October 2016: Jaime Mendizabal Roche, TUM
  Ported remaining theories of session Old_Number_Theory to the new
  Number_Theory and removed Old_Number_Theory.

* September 2016: Sascha Boehme
  Proof method "argo" based on SMT technology for a combination of
  quantifier-free propositional logic, equality and linear real arithmetic

* July 2016: Daniel Stuewe
  Height-size proofs in HOL-Data_Structures.

* July 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Algebraic foundation for primes; generalization from nat to general
  factorial rings.

* June 2016: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Formalisation of discrete subprobability distributions.

* June 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Improvements to code generation: optional timing measurements, more succint
  closures for static evaluation, less ambiguities concering Scala implicits.

* May 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Code generation for Probability Mass Functions.

* March 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abstract factorial rings with unique factorization.

* March 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking of the HOL char type as special case of a finite numeral type.

* March 2016: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Reasoning support for monotonicity, continuity and admissibility in
  chain-complete partial orders.

* February - October 2016: Makarius Wenzel
  Prover IDE improvements.
  ML IDE improvements: bootstrap of Pure.
  Isar language consolidation.
  Notational modernization of HOL.
  Tight Poly/ML integration.
  More Isabelle/Scala system programming modules (e.g. SSH, Mercurial).

* Winter 2016: Jasmin Blanchette, Inria & LORIA & MPII, Aymeric Bouzy,
  Ecole polytechnique, Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich, Andrei Popescu,
  Middlesex University, and Dmitriy Traytel, ETH Zurich
  'corec' command and friends.

* January 2016: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abolition of compound operators INFIMUM and SUPREMUM for complete lattices.

Contributions to Isabelle2016

* Winter 2016: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Support for real exponentiation ("powr") in the "approximation" method.
  (This was removed in Isabelle 2015 due to a changed definition of "powr".)

* Summer 2015 - Winter 2016: Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge
  General, homology form of Cauchy's integral theorem and supporting material
  (ported from HOL Light).

* Winter 2015/16: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  New print_record command.

* May - December 2015: Makarius Wenzel
  Prover IDE improvements.
  More Isar language elements.
  Document language refinements.
  Poly/ML debugger integration.
  Improved multi-platform and multi-architecture support.

* Winter 2015: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  The radius of convergence of power series and various summability tests.
  Harmonic numbers and the Euler-Mascheroni constant.
  The Generalised Binomial Theorem.
  The complex and real Gamma/log-Gamma/Digamma/Polygamma functions and their
  most important properties.

* Autumn 2015: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Proper definition of division (with remainder) for formal power series;
  Euclidean Ring and GCD instance for formal power series.

* Autumn 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Rewrite definitions for global interpretations and sublocale declarations.

* Autumn 2015: Andreas Lochbihler
  Bourbaki-Witt fixpoint theorem for increasing functions on chain-complete
  partial orders.

* Autumn 2015: Chaitanya Mangla, Lawrence C Paulson, and Manuel Eberl
  A large number of additional binomial identities.

* Summer 2015: Daniel Matichuk, NICTA and Makarius Wenzel
  Isar subgoal command for proof structure within unstructured proof scripts.

* Summer 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Generic partial division in rings as inverse operation of multiplication.

* Summer 2015: Manuel Eberl and Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Type class hierarchy with common algebraic notions of integral (semi)domains
  like units, associated elements and normalization wrt. units.

* Summer 2015: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Fundamentals of abstract type class for factorial rings.

* Summer 2015: Julian Biendarra, TUM and Dmitriy Traytel, ETH Zurich
  Command to lift a BNF structure on the raw type to the abstract type for

* Summer 2014: Jeremy Avigad, Luke Serafin, CMU, and Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Proof of the central limit theorem: includes weak convergence,
  characteristic functions, and Levy's uniqueness and continuity theorem.

Contributions to Isabelle2015

* 2014/2015: Daniel Matichuk, Toby Murray, NICTA and Makarius Wenzel
  The Eisbach proof method language and "match" method.

* Winter 2014 and Spring 2015: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Extension of lift_definition to execute lifted functions that have as a
  return type a datatype containing a subtype.

* March 2015: Jasmin Blanchette, Inria & LORIA & MPII, Mathias Fleury, MPII,
  and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  More multiset theorems, syntax, and operations.

* December 2014: Johannes Hölzl, Manuel Eberl, Sudeep Kanav, TUM, and
  Jeremy Avigad, Luke Serafin, CMU
  Various integration theorems: mostly integration on intervals and

* September 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Lexicographic order on functions and
  sum/product over function bodies.

* August 2014: Andreas Lochbihler, ETH Zurich
  Test infrastructure for executing generated code in target languages.

* August 2014: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Generic euclidean algorithms for GCD et al.

Contributions to Isabelle2014

* July 2014: Thomas Sewell, NICTA
  Preserve equality hypotheses in "clarify" and friends. New
  "hypsubst_thin" method configuration option.

* Summer 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Consolidation and generalization of facts concerning (abelian)
  semigroups and monoids, particularly products (resp. sums) on
  finite sets.

* Summer 2014: Mathias Fleury, ENS Rennes, and Albert Steckermeier, TUM
  Work on exotic automatic theorem provers for Sledgehammer (LEO-II,
  veriT, Waldmeister, etc.).

* June 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Internal reorganisation of the local theory / named target stack.

* June 2014: Sudeep Kanav, TUM, Jeremy Avigad, CMU, and Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Various properties of exponentially, Erlang, and normal distributed
  random variables.

* May 2014: Cezary Kaliszyk, University of Innsbruck, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  SML-based engines for MaSh.

* March 2014: René Thiemann
  Improved code generation for multisets.

* February 2014: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Permanent interpretation inside theory, locale and class targets
  with mixin definitions.

* Spring 2014: Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge
  Theory Complex_Basic_Analysis. Tidying up Number_Theory vs Old_Number_Theory

* Winter 2013 and Spring 2014: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Various improvements to Lifting/Transfer, integration with the BNF package.

* Winter 2013 and Spring 2014: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Fall 2013 and Winter 2014: Martin Desharnais, Lorenz Panny,
  Dmitriy Traytel, and Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to the BNF-based (co)datatype package,
  including a more polished "primcorec" command, optimizations, and
  integration in the "HOL" session.

* Winter/Spring 2014: Sascha Boehme, QAware GmbH, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  "SMT2" module and "smt2" proof method, based on SMT-LIB 2 and
  Z3 4.3.

* January 2014: Lars Hupel, TUM
  An improved, interactive simplifier trace with integration into the
  Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* December 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Consolidation of abstract interpretations concerning min and max.

* November 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Abolition of negative numeral literals in the logic.

Contributions to Isabelle2013-1

* September 2013: Lars Noschinski, TUM
  Conversion between function definitions as list of equations and
  case expressions in HOL.
  New library Simps_Case_Conv with commands case_of_simps,

* September 2013: Nik Sultana, University of Cambridge
  Improvements to HOL/TPTP parser and import facilities.

* September 2013: Johannes Hölzl and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  New "coinduction" method (residing in HOL-BNF) to avoid boilerplate.

* Summer 2013: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Summer 2013: Manuel Eberl, TUM
  Generation of elimination rules in the function package.
  New command "fun_cases".

* Summer 2013: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Improved support for ad hoc overloading of constants, including
  documentation and examples.

* Spring and Summer 2013: Lorenz Panny, Dmitriy Traytel, and
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to the BNF-based (co)datatype package, including
  "primrec_new" and "primcorec" commands and a compatibility layer.

* Spring and Summer 2013: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  Various improvements of Lifting and Transfer packages.

* Spring 2013: Brian Huffman, Galois Inc.
  Improvements of the Transfer package.

* Summer 2013: Daniel Kühlwein, ICIS, Radboud University Nijmegen
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to MaSh, including a server mode.

* First half of 2013: Steffen Smolka, TUM
  Further improvements to Sledgehammer's Isar proof generator.

* May 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Ephemeral interpretation in local theories.

* May 2013: Lukas Bulwahn and Nicolai Schaffroth, TUM
  Spec_Check: A Quickcheck tool for Isabelle/ML.

* April 2013: Stefan Berghofer, secunet Security Networks AG
  Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Case translations as a separate check phase independent of the
  datatype package.

* March 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reform of "big operators" on sets.

* March 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Algebraic locale hierarchy for orderings and (semi)lattices.

* February 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking and consolidation of code generation for target language

* February 2013: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Sieve of Eratosthenes.

Contributions to Isabelle2013

* 2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

* Fall 2012: Daniel Kühlwein, ICIS, Radboud University Nijmegen
  Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Implemented Machine Learning for Sledgehammer (MaSh).

* Fall 2012: Steffen Smolka, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer's Isar proof generator,
  including a smart type annotation algorithm and proof shrinking.

* December 2012: Alessandro Coglio, Kestrel
  Contributions to HOL's Lattice library.

* November 2012: Fabian Immler, TUM
  "Symbols" dockable for Isabelle/jEdit.

* November 2012: Fabian Immler, TUM
  Proof of the Daniell-Kolmogorov theorem: the existence of the limit
  of projective families.

* October 2012: Andreas Lochbihler, KIT
  Efficient construction of red-black trees from sorted associative

* September 2012: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Lattice instances for type option.

* September 2012: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Consolidated HOL/Library (theories: Prefix_Order, Sublist, and
  Sublist_Order) w.r.t. prefixes, suffixes, and embedding on lists.

* August 2012: Dmitriy Traytel, Andrei Popescu, Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  New BNF-based (co)datatype package.

* August 2012: Andrei Popescu and Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Theories of ordinals and cardinals.

* July 2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Advanced support for Isabelle sessions and build management, notably
  "isabelle build".

* June 2012: Felix Kuperjans, Lukas Bulwahn, TUM and Rafal Kolanski, NICTA
  Simproc for rewriting set comprehensions into pointfree expressions.

* May 2012: Andreas Lochbihler, KIT
  Theory of almost everywhere constant functions.

* 2010-2012: Markus Kaiser and Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  Graphview in Scala/Swing.

Contributions to Isabelle2012

* April 2012: Johannes Hölzl, TUM
  Probability: Introduced type to represent measures instead of

* April 2012: Johannes Hölzl, Fabian Immler, TUM
  Float: Moved to Dyadic rationals to represent floating point numers.

* April 2012: Thomas Sewell, NICTA and
  2010: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Theory HOL/Word/WordBitwise: logic/circuit expansion of bitvector

* March 2012: Christian Sternagel, JAIST
  Consolidated theory of relation composition.

* March 2012: Nik Sultana, University of Cambridge
  HOL/TPTP parser and import facilities.

* March 2012: Cezary Kaliszyk, University of Innsbruck and
  Alexander Krauss, QAware GmbH
  Faster and more scalable Import mechanism for HOL Light proofs.

* January 2012: Florian Haftmann, TUM, et al.
  (Re-)Introduction of the "set" type constructor.

* 2012: Ondrej Kuncar, TUM
  New package Lifting, various improvements and refinements to the
  Quotient package.

* 2011/2012: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer, notably: tighter integration
  with SPASS, support for more provers (Alt-Ergo, iProver,

* 2011/2012: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Various refinements of local theory infrastructure.
  Improvements of Isabelle/Scala layer and Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE.

Contributions to Isabelle2011-1

* September 2011: Peter Gammie
  Theory HOL/Library/Saturated: numbers with saturated arithmetic.

* August 2011: Florian Haftmann, Johannes Hölzl and Lars Noschinski, TUM
  Refined theory on complete lattices.

* August 2011: Brian Huffman, Portland State University
  Miscellaneous cleanup of Complex_Main and Multivariate_Analysis.

* June 2011: Brian Huffman, Portland State University
  Proof method "countable_datatype" for theory Library/Countable.

* 2011: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Various improvements to Sledgehammer, notably: use of sound
  translations, support for more provers (Waldmeister, LEO-II,
  Satallax). Further development of Nitpick and 'try' command.

* 2011: Andreas Lochbihler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  Theory HOL/Library/Cset_Monad allows do notation for computable sets
  (cset) via the generic monad ad-hoc overloading facility.

* 2011: Johannes Hölzl, Armin Heller, TUM and
  Bogdan Grechuk, University of Edinburgh
  Theory HOL/Library/Extended_Reals: real numbers extended with plus
  and minus infinity.

* 2011: Makarius Wenzel, Université Paris-Sud / LRI
  Various building blocks for Isabelle/Scala layer and Isabelle/jEdit
  Prover IDE.

Contributions to Isabelle2011

* January 2011: Stefan Berghofer, secunet Security Networks AG
  HOL-SPARK: an interactive prover back-end for SPARK.

* October 2010: Bogdan Grechuk, University of Edinburgh
  Extended convex analysis in Multivariate Analysis.

* October 2010: Dmitriy Traytel, TUM
  Coercive subtyping via subtype constraints.

* October 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Command partial_function for function definitions based on complete
  partial orders in HOL.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refined concepts for evaluation, i.e., normalization of terms using
  different techniques.

* September 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for Scala.

* August 2010: Johannes Hoelzl, Armin Heller, and Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Improved Probability theory in HOL.

* July 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reworking and extension of the Imperative HOL framework.

* July 2010: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Christian Sternagel, University
    of Innsbruck
  Ad-hoc overloading. Generic do notation for monads.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-2

* 2009/2010: Stefan Berghofer, Alexander Krauss, and Andreas Schropp, TUM,
  Makarius Wenzel, TUM / LRI
  Elimination of type classes from proof terms.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Reorganization of abstract algebra type classes.

* April 2010: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Code generation for data representations involving invariants;
  various collections avaiable in theories Fset, Dlist, RBT,
  Mapping and AssocList.

* March 2010: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Efficient SHA1 library for Poly/ML.

* February 2010: Cezary Kaliszyk and Christian Urban, TUM
  Quotient type package for Isabelle/HOL.

Contributions to Isabelle2009-1

* November 2009, Brian Huffman, PSU
  New definitional domain package for HOLCF.

* November 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM
  Derivation and Brouwer's fixpoint theorem in Multivariate Analysis.

* November 2009: Stefan Berghofer and Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  A tabled implementation of the reflexive transitive closure.

* November 2009: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  Predicate Compiler: a compiler for inductive predicates to
  equational specifications.

* November 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM and Burkhart Wolff, LRI Paris
  HOL-Boogie: an interactive prover back-end for Boogie and VCC.

* October 2009: Jasmin Blanchette, TUM
  Nitpick: yet another counterexample generator for Isabelle/HOL.

* October 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  Extension of SMT method: proof-reconstruction for the SMT solver Z3.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of parts of the HOL datatype package.

* October 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Generic term styles for term antiquotations.

* September 2009: Thomas Sewell, NICTA
  More efficient HOL/record implementation.

* September 2009: Sascha Boehme, TUM
  SMT method using external SMT solvers.

* September 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Refinement of sets and lattices.

* July 2009: Jeremy Avigad and Amine Chaieb
  New number theory.

* July 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  HOL/Library/Sum_Of_Squares: functionality to call a remote csdp

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New quickcheck implementation using new code generator.

* July 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Fset: an explicit type of sets; finite sets ready to use
  for code generation.

* June 2009: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  HOL/Library/Tree: search trees implementing mappings, ready to use
  for code generation.

* March 2009: Philipp Meyer, TUM
  Minimization tool for results from Sledgehammer.

Contributions to Isabelle2009

* March 2009: Robert Himmelmann, TUM and Amine Chaieb, University of
  Elementary topology in Euclidean space.

* March 2009: Johannes Hoelzl, TUM
  Method "approximation", which proves real valued inequalities by

* February 2009: Filip Maric, Univ. of Belgrade
  A Serbian theory.

* February 2009: Jasmin Christian Blanchette, TUM
  Misc cleanup of HOL/refute.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  New find_consts command.

* February 2009: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  "solves" criterion for find_theorems and auto_solve option

* December 2008: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  New locale implementation.

* December 2008: Armin Heller, TUM and Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "sizechange" for advanced termination proofs.

* November 2008: Timothy Bourke, NICTA
  Performance improvement (factor 50) for find_theorems.

* 2008: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Various extensions and restructurings in HOL, improvements
  in evaluation mechanisms, new module binding.ML for name bindings.

* October 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  ATP manager for Sledgehammer, based on ML threads instead of Posix
  processes.  Additional ATP wrappers, including remote SystemOnTPTP

* September 2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM and Marc Bezem, Univ. Bergen
  Prover for coherent logic.

* August 2008: Fabian Immler, TUM
  Vampire wrapper script for remote SystemOnTPTP service.

Contributions to Isabelle2008

* 2007/2008:
  Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOLCF library improvements.

* 2007/2008: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL-Nominal package improvements.

* March 2008: Markus Reiter, TUM
  HOL/Library/RBT: red-black trees.

* February 2008: Alexander Krauss, TUM and Florian Haftmann, TUM and
  Lukas Bulwahn, TUM and John Matthews, Galois:
  HOL/Library/Imperative_HOL: Haskell-style imperative data structures
  for HOL.

* December 2007: Norbert Schirmer, Uni Saarbruecken
  Misc improvements of record package in HOL.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Overloading and class instantiation target.

* December 2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  New version of primrec package for local theories.

* December 2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  Method "induction_scheme" in HOL.

* November 2007: Peter Lammich, Uni Muenster
  HOL-Lattice: some more lemmas.

Contributions to Isabelle2007

* October 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM / Uni Saarbruecken
  State Spaces: The Locale Way (in HOL).

* October 2007: Mark A. Hillebrand, DFKI
  Robust sub/superscripts in LaTeX document output.

* August 2007: Jeremy Dawson, NICTA and Paul Graunke, Galois and Brian
    Huffman, PSU and Gerwin Klein, NICTA and John Matthews, Galois
  HOL-Word: a library for fixed-size machine words in Isabelle.

* August 2007: Brian Huffman, PSU
  HOL/Library/Boolean_Algebra and HOL/Library/Numeral_Type.

* June 2007: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Semiring normalization and Groebner Bases.
  Support for dense linear orders.

* June 2007: Joe Hurd, Oxford
  Metis theorem-prover.

* 2007: Kong W. Susanto, Cambridge
  HOL: Metis prover integration.

* 2007: Stefan Berghofer, TUM
  HOL: inductive predicates and sets.

* 2007: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  HOL/record: misc improvements.

* 2006/2007: Alexander Krauss, TUM
  HOL: function package and related theories on termination.

* 2006/2007: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Pure: generic code generator framework.
  Pure: class package.
  HOL: theory reorganization, code generator setup.

* 2006/2007: Christian Urban, TUM and Stefan Berghofer, TUM and
    Julien Narboux, TUM
  HOL/Nominal package and related tools.

* November 2006: Lukas Bulwahn, TUM
  HOL: method "lexicographic_order" for function package.

* October 2006: Stefan Hohe, TUM
  HOL-Algebra: ideals and quotients over rings.

* August 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Experimental support for generic reflection and reification in HOL.

* July 2006: Rafal Kolanski, NICTA
  Hex (0xFF) and binary (0b1011) numerals.

* May 2006: Klaus Aehlig, LMU
  Command 'normal_form': normalization by evaluation.

* May 2006: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Ferrante and Rackoff Algorithm for linear real

* February 2006: Benjamin Porter, NICTA
  HOL and HOL-Complex: generalised mean value theorem, continuum is
  not denumerable, harmonic and arithmetic series, and denumerability
  of rationals.

* October 2005: Martin Wildmoser, TUM
  Sketch for Isar 'guess' element.

Contributions to Isabelle2005

* September 2005: Lukas Bulwahn and Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  HOL-Complex: Formalization of Taylor series.

* September 2005: Stephan Merz, Alwen Tiu, QSL Loria
  Components for SAT solver method using zChaff.

* September 2005: Ning Zhang and Christian Urban, LMU Munich
  A Chinese theory.

* September 2005: Bernhard Haeupler, TUM
  Method comm_ring for proving equalities in commutative rings.

* July/August 2005: Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon University
  Various improvements of the HOL and HOL-Complex library.

* July 2005: Florian Zuleger, Johannes Hoelzl, and Simon Funke, TUM
  Some structured proofs about completeness of real numbers.

* May 2005: Rafal Kolanski and Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Improved retrieval of facts from theory/proof context.

* February 2005: Lucas Dixon, University of Edinburgh
  Improved subst method.

* 2005: Brian Huffman, OGI
  Various improvements of HOLCF.
  Some improvements of the HOL-Complex library.

* 2005: Claire Quigley and Jia Meng, University of Cambridge
  Some support for asynchronous communication with external provers

* 2005: Florian Haftmann, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Various ML combinators, notably linear functional transformations.
  Some cleanup of ML legacy.
  Additional antiquotations.
  Improved Isabelle web site.

* 2004/2005: David Aspinall, University of Edinburgh
  Various elements of XML and PGIP based communication with user
  interfaces (experimental).

* 2004/2005: Gerwin Klein, NICTA
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved Isabelle web site.
  Improved HTML presentation of theories.

* 2004/2005: Clemens Ballarin, TUM
  Provers: tools for transitive relations and quasi orders.
  Improved version of locales, notably interpretation of locales.
  Improved version of HOL-Algebra.

* 2004/2005: Amine Chaieb, TUM
  Improved version of HOL presburger method.

* 2004/2005: Steven Obua, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import, support for HOL-Light.
  Improved version of HOL-Complex-Matrix.
  Pure/defs: more sophisticated checks on well-formedness of overloading.
  Pure/Tools: an experimental evaluator for lambda terms.

* 2004/2005: Norbert Schirmer, TUM
  Contributions to document 'sugar'.
  Improved version of HOL/record.

* 2004/2005: Sebastian Skalberg, TUM
  Improved version of HOL/Import.
  Some internal ML reorganizations.

* 2004/2005: Tjark Weber, TUM
  SAT solver method using zChaff.
  Improved version of HOL/refute.