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ERRATA in Springer book

* = corrected by sending new pages

*page 50: In section heading, Mixfix should be mixfix

page 52: the declaration  "types bool,nat"  is illegal    

*page 217 and 251: fst and snd should be fst_conv and snd_conv.
*Also affects index: pages 310 and 317!

pages 222, 223: The braces need escaping in
\tdx{qconverse_def}   qconverse(r) == {z. w:r, EX x y. w=<x;y> & z=<y;x>}
\tdx{QSigma_def}      QSigma(A,B)  == UN x:A. UN y:B(x). {<x;y>}
\tdx{lfp_def}        lfp(D,h) == Inter({X: Pow(D). h(X) <= X})
\tdx{gfp_def}        gfp(D,h) == Union({X: Pow(D). X <= h(X)})

*page 224: type of id, namely $\To i$, should be $i \To i$ 

Intro/advanced.tex:val add_ss = FOL_ss addrews [add_0, add_Suc]
should be addsimps

Ref/tactic: documented subgoals_tac

Logics/ZF: renamed mem_anti_sym and mem_anti_refl

Ref/defining: type constraints ("::") now have a very low priority of 4.
              As in ML, they must be enclosed in paretheses most of the time.

Ref/theories: added init_thy_reader and removed extend_theory.