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The TPTP parser is generated using ML-Yacc and relies on the ML-Yacc
library to function. The ML-Yacc library is an external piece of
software that needs a small modification for use in Isabelle. The
relationship between Isabelle and ML-Yacc is similar to that with
Metis (see src/Tools/Metis).

The file "make_tptp_parser" generates the TPTP parser and patches it
to conform to Isabelle's naming conventions.

In order to generate the parser from its lex/yacc definition you need
to have the ML-Yacc binaries. The sources can be downloaded via SVN as

 svn co --username anonsvn \ ml-yacc

ML-Yacc is usually distributed with Standard ML of New Jersey, and its
binaries can also be obtained as packages for some distributions of
Linux. The script "make_tptp_parser" will produce a file called
tptp_lexyacc.ML -- this is a compilation of the SML files (generated
by ML-Yacc) making up the TPTP parser.

The generated parser needs ML-Yacc's library. This is distributed with
ML-Yacc's source code, in the lib/ directory. The ML-Yacc library
cannot be used directly and must be patched. The script
"make_mlyacclib" takes the ML-Yacc library (for instance, as
downloaded from the ML-Yacc repo) and produces the file ml_yacc_lib.ML
-- this is a compilation of slightly modified files making up
ML-Yacc's library.

Nik Sultana
9th March 2012