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Isabelle NEWS -- history of user-visible changes;

Isabelle NEWS -- history of user-visible changes

New in Isabelle94-8 (???????????)

* the NEWS file;

* new utilities to build / run / maintain Isabelle etc. (in parts
still somewhat experimental);

* simplifier: termless order as parameter; added interface for
simplification procedures (functions that produce *proven* rewrite
rules on the fly, depending on current redex);

* now supports alternative (named) syntax tables (parser and pretty
printer); internal interface is provided by add_modesyntax(_i);

* Pure, FOL, ZF, HOL, HOLCF now support symbolic input and output; to
be used in conjunction with the isabelle symbol font; uses the
"symbols" syntax table;

* infixes may now be declared with names independent of their syntax;

* added typed_print_translation (like print_translation, but also gets
the type of the constant);

* prlim command for dealing with lots of subgoals (an easier way of
setting goals_limit);

* HOL/ex/Ring.thy declares cring_simp, which solves equational
problems in commutative rings, using axiomatic type classes for + and *;

* ZF now has Fast_tac, Simp_tac and Auto_tac.  WARNING: don't use
ZF.thy anymore!  Contains fewer defs and could make a bogus simpset.
Beware of Union_iff.  eq_cs is gone, can be put back as ZF_cs addSIs

* more examples in HOL/MiniML and HOL/Auth;

* more default rewrite rules in HOL for quantifiers, union/intersection;

New in Isabelle94-7 (November 96)

* allowing negative levels (as offsets) in prlev and choplev;

* many more things we do not remember :-)