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# Isabelle Prover IDE support

This extension connects to the Isabelle Prover IDE infrastructure, using the
VSCode Language Server protocol. This requires a recent development version of
Isabelle from 2017, see also:


## Important User Settings ##

  * `isabelle.home` points to the main Isabelle directory (ISABELLE_HOME).
  * `isabelle.cygwin_root` (on Windows) points to the Cygwin installation,
    e.g. ISABELLE_HOME/cygwin for a regular Isabelle application bundle.

## Isabelle symbols ##

Isabelle symbols like `\<forall>` may be rendered using the extension Prettify
Symbols Mode. It needs to be configured manually as follows:

ISABELLE_HOME/src/Tools/VSCode/extension/isabelle-symbols.json contains a
configuration (generated via `isabelle vscode_symbols`). Its content needs to
be copied carefully into the regular VSCode User Preferences.