1999-08-26 paulson 1999-08-26 extra syntax for JN, making it more like UN
1999-03-01 paulson 1999-03-01 removed the infernal States, eqStates, compatible, etc.
1998-12-03 paulson 1998-12-03 Addition of the States component; parts of Comp not working
1998-11-06 paulson 1998-11-06 Revising the Client proof as suggested by Michel Charpentier. New lemmas about composition (in Union.ML), etc. Also changed "length" to "size" because it is displayed as "size" in any event.
1998-10-15 paulson 1998-10-15 specifications as sets of programs
1998-10-05 paulson 1998-10-05 Join now an infix operator
1998-10-01 paulson 1998-10-01 abstype of programs
1998-09-29 paulson 1998-09-29 Now id:(Acts prg) is implicit
1998-08-13 paulson 1998-08-13 Constrains, Stable, Invariant...more of the substitution axiom, but Union does not work well with them
1998-08-05 paulson 1998-08-05 Null program and a few new results
1998-08-05 paulson 1998-08-05 Union primitives and examples