2014-06-13 hoelzl 2014-06-13 properties of normal distributed random variables (by Sudeep Kanav)
2012-12-07 hoelzl 2012-12-07 add exponential and uniform distributions
2012-11-15 immler 2012-11-15 generalized to copy of countable types instead of instantiation of nat for discrete topology
2012-11-15 immler 2012-11-15 added projective limit; proof is based on auxiliary type finmap::polish_space
2012-11-15 immler 2012-11-15 regularity of measures, therefore: characterization of closure with infimum distance; characterize of compact sets as totally bounded; added Diagonal_Subsequence to Library; introduced (enumerable) topological basis; rational boxes as basis of ordered euclidean space; moved some lemmas upwards
2012-04-23 hoelzl 2012-04-23 reworked Probability theory
2011-12-01 hoelzl 2011-12-01 do not import examples Probability theory
2011-06-27 hoelzl 2011-06-27 move conditional expectation to its own theory file
2011-05-20 hoelzl 2011-05-20 Add restricted borel measure to {0 .. 1}
2011-05-17 hoelzl 2011-05-17 Add formalization of probabilistic independence for families of sets
2011-03-29 hoelzl 2011-03-29 rename Probability_Space to Probability_Measure
2011-03-29 hoelzl 2011-03-29 add infinite product measure
2011-03-14 hoelzl 2011-03-14 reworked Probability theory: measures are not type restricted to positive extended reals
2011-02-02 hoelzl 2011-02-02 the measure valuation is again part of the measure_space type, instead of an explicit parameter to the locale; changed syntax for simple_function, simple_integral, positive_integral, integral and RN_deriv. introduced binder variants for simple_integral, positive_integral and integral.
2010-12-01 hoelzl 2010-12-01 Support product spaces on sigma finite measures. Introduce the almost everywhere quantifier. Introduce 'morphism' theorems for most constants. Prove uniqueness of measures on cut stable generators. Prove uniqueness of the Radon-Nikodym derivative. Removed misleading suffix from borel_space and lebesgue_space. Use product spaces to introduce Fubini on the Lebesgue integral. Combine Euclidean_Lebesgue and Lebesgue_Measure. Generalize theorems about mutual information and entropy to arbitrary probability spaces. Remove simproc mult_log as it does not work with interpretations. Introduce completion of measure spaces. Change type of sigma. Introduce dynkin systems.
2010-04-07 hoelzl 2010-04-07 Added Information theory and Example: dining cryptographers
2010-03-16 hoelzl 2010-03-16 Added product measure space
2010-03-04 hoelzl 2010-03-04 Add Lebesgue integral and probability space.
2009-11-10 paulson 2009-11-10 Inserted missing theory dependency
2009-11-09 wenzelm 2009-11-09 eliminated hard tabulators;
2009-10-28 paulson 2009-10-28 New theory Probability, which contains a development of measure theory