Type Inference for MiniML

(without "let" for the time being)

Algorithms W and I are based on

@article{Milner-Poly,author="Robin Milner", title="A Theory of Type Polymorphism in Programming", journal="J. Comp.\ Sys.\ Sci.",year=1978,volume=17,pages="348--375"}

which also proves their correctness. The first completeness proof was given in

@phdthesis{Damas-PhD,author={Luis Manuel Martins Damas}, title={Type Assignment in Programming Languages}, school={Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh},year=1985}

The Isabelle proofs are based on

@phdthesis{Nazareth-PhD,author={Dieter Nazareth}, title={A Polymorphic Sort System for Axiomatic Specification Languages}, school={Institut f\"ur Informatik, Technische Universit{\"a}t M{\"u}nchen}, year=1995,note={Technical Report {TUM-I9515}}}