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<title>Isabelle Binary Distribution</title>


<h1>Isabelle Binary Distribution</h1>

This is your fast path to Isabelle on Linux/x86 systems (with rpm
package management):


rpm -i <a
href="">smlnj-110.0-3.i386.rpm</a>                           # mandatory
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share <a href="isabelle.rpm">isabelle.rpm</a>                 # mandatory
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share <a href="isabelle-HOL.i386.rpm">isabelle-HOL.i386.rpm</a>        # recommended
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share <a href="isabelle-HOL-Real.i386.rpm">isabelle-HOL-Real.i386.rpm</a>   # optional
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share <a href="isabelle-ZF.i386.rpm">isabelle-ZF.i386.rpm</a>         # optional
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share <a href="isabelle-pdfdocs.rpm">isabelle-pdfdocs.rpm</a>         # optional