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fast approximation of test for process group (NB: initial process might already be terminated, while background processes are still running);

Subject: Announcing Isabelle2021

Isabelle2021 is now available.

This version introduces many changes over Isabelle2020: see the NEWS
file for further details. Here are various details:

* Improved HTML presentation in Isabelle/Scala, using PIDE markup.

* Improved PDF document preparation in Isabelle/Scala, using LuaLaTeX.

* Isabelle/jEdit: improved monitoring of Java and ML process.

* Isabelle/jEdit: improved look-and-feel and IDE feedback.

* Pure: improved handling of named contexts and local syntax bundles.

* HOL: substantially reworked support for Word library.

* HOL: various syntax and library improvements.

* HOL: various Sledgehammer and SMT improvements, with updated external tools.

* HOL: support for Nitpick/Kodkod in Isabelle/Scala.

* ML: routine support for Isabelle/Scala functions in Isabelle/ML.

* System: support for Isabelle/Scala services defined in user-space.

* Support for macOS Big Sur on Intel and Apple Silicon (ARM).

You may get Isabelle2021 from the following mirror sites:

  Cambridge (UK)
  Munich (Germany)
  Sydney (Australia)
  Potsdam, NY (USA)