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native executable even for Linux, to avoid surprises with file managers opening executable script as text file;


Add map_cong?? (upto 10% slower)

a simp command for terms

Recdef: Get rid of function name in header.
Support mutual recursion (Konrad?)

improve solver in simplifier: treat & and ! ...

better 1 point rules:
!x. !y. x = f y --> P x y  should reduce to  !y. P (f y) y.

it would be nice if @term could deal with ?-vars.
then a number of (unchecked!) @texts could be converted to @terms.

it would be nice if one could get id to the enclosing quotes in the [source] option.

More predefined functions for datatypes: map?

Induction rules for int: int_le/ge_induct?
Needed for ifak example. But is that example worth it?

Komischerweise geht das Splitten von _Annahmen_ auch mit simp_tac, was
ein generelles Feature ist, das man vielleicht mal abstellen sollte.

proper mutual simplification

defs with = and pattern matching??

Minor fixes in the tutorial

Appendix: Lexical: long ids.

Warning: infixes automatically become reserved words!

Syntax section: syntax annotations not just for consts but also for constdefs and datatype.

Appendix with list functions.

All theory sources on the web?

Possible exercises


For extensionality (in Sets chapter): prove
valif o norm = valif
in If-expression case study (Ifexpr)

Nested inductive datatypes: another example/exercise:
 size(t) <= size(subst s t)?

insertion sort: primrec, later recdef

 first version only for non-empty trees:
 Tip 'a | Node tree tree
 Then real version?
 First primrec, then recdef?

Ind. sets: define ABC inductively and prove
ABC = {rep A n @ rep B n @ rep C n. True}

Partial rekursive functions / Nontermination:

Exercise: ?! f. !i. f i = if i=0 then 1 else i*f(i-1)
(What about sum? Is there one, a unique one?)

Better(?) sum i = fst(while (%(s,i). i=0) (%(s,i). (s+i,i-1)) (0,i))
Prove 0 <= i ==> sum i = i*(i+1) via while-rule

Possible examples/case studies

Trie: Define functional version
datatype ('a,'b)trie = Trie ('b option) ('a => ('a,'b)trie option)
lookup t [] = value t
lookup t (a#as) = case tries t a of None => None | Some s => lookup s as
Maybe as an exercise?

Trie: function for partial matches (prefixes). Needs sets for spec/proof.

Sets via ordered list of intervals. (Isa/Interval(2))

propositional logic (soundness and completeness?),
predicate logic (soundness?),

Tautology checker. Based on Ifexpr or prop.logic?
Include forward reference in relevant section.

Sorting with comp-parameter and with type class (<)

Recdef:more example proofs:
 if-normalization with measure function,
 nested if-normalization,

New book by Bird?

Steps Towards Mechanizing Program Transformations Using PVS by N. Shankar,
      Science of Computer Programming, 26(1-3):33-57, 1996. 
You can get it from

J Moore article Towards a ...
Mergesort, JVM

Additional topics

Recdef with nested recursion?

Extensionality: applications in
- boolean expressions: valif o bool2if = value
- Advanced datatypes exercise subst (f o g) = subst f o subst g

A look at the library?