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documented new function 'section'
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 \subsection*{Manual HTML generation}
-To manually activate and deactivate the generation of HTML files the
-following commands and reference variables are used:
+To manually control the generation of HTML files the following
+commands and reference variables are used:
 init_html   : unit -> unit
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 or stored with {\tt bind_thm} and {\tt store_thm}. Additionally there
 is a hypertext link to the whole \ML{} file.
+You can add section headings to the list of theorems by using
+section: string -> unit
+in a theory's ML file, which converts a plain string to a HTML
+heading and inserts it before the next theorem proved or stored with
+one of the above functions. If {\tt make_html} is {\tt false} nothing
+is done.
 \subsection*{Using someone else's database}