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 that contains the \texttt{emales.py} script. Sledgehammer has been tested with
 version 1.1.
+\item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{e\_par}:} E-Par is a metaprover developed
+by Josef Urban that implements strategy scheduling on top of E. To use
+E-Par, set the environment variable \texttt{E\_HOME} to the directory
+that contains the \texttt{runepar.pl} script and the \texttt{eprover} and
+\texttt{epclextract} executables, or use the prebuilt E package from \download.
 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{iprover}:} iProver is a pure
 instantiation-based prover developed by Konstantin Korovin \cite{korovin-2009}.
 To use iProver, set the environment variable \texttt{IPROVER\_HOME} to the