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 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{metis}:} Although it is much less powerful than
 the external provers, Metis itself can be used for proof search.
-\item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{metis\_full\_types}:} Fully typed version of
-Metis, corresponding to \textit{metis} (\textit{full\_types}).
-\item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{metis\_no\_types}:} Untyped version of Metis,
-corresponding to \textit{metis} (\textit{no\_types}).
 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{satallax}:} Satallax is an automatic
 higher-order prover developed by Chad Brown et al.\ \cite{satallax}, with
 support for the TPTP typed higher-order syntax (THF0). Sledgehammer
 requires version 2.2 or above.
 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{smt}:} The \textit{smt} proof method with the
-current settings (typically, Z3 with proof reconstruction).
+current settings (usually:\ Z3 with proof reconstruction).
 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{spass}:} SPASS is a first-order resolution
 prover developed by Christoph Weidenbach et al.\ \cite{weidenbach-et-al-2009}.