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 <H3>HOLCF: A higher-order version of LCF based on Isabelle/HOL</H3>
-Author:     Franz Regensburger<BR>
-Copyright   1995 Technische Universität München<P>
+HOLCF is the definitional extension of Church's Higher-Order Logic with
+Scott's Logic for Computable Functions that has been implemented in the
+theorem prover Isabelle.  This results in a flexible setup for reasoning
+about functional programs. HOLCF supports standard domain theory (in particular
+fixpoint reasoning and recursive domain equations) but also coinductive
+arguments about lazy datatypes.
+The most recent description of HOLCF is found here:
+<li> <A HREF="/~nipkow/pubs/jfp99.html">HOLCF = HOL+LCF</A>
 A detailed description (in german) of the entire development can be found in: