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 \item[$\bullet$] \qtybf{string}: A string.
+\item[$\bullet$] \qtybf{string\_list\/}: A space-separated list of strings
+(e.g., ``\textit{ichi ni san}'').
 \item[$\bullet$] \qtybf{bool\/}: \textit{true} or \textit{false}.
 \item[$\bullet$] \qtybf{bool\_or\_smart\/}: \textit{true}, \textit{false}, or \textit{smart}.
 \item[$\bullet$] \qtybf{int\/}: An integer. Negative integers are prefixed with a hyphen.
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 counterexamples. This option suffers from an ``observer effect'': Nitpick might
 find different counterexamples for different values of this option.
+Specifies the names to use to refer to the atoms of the given type. By default,
+Nitpick generates names of the form $a_1, \ldots, a_n$, where $a$ is the first
+letter of the type's name.
+Specifies the default names to use to refer to atoms of any type. For example,
+to call the three atoms of type ${'}a$ \textit{ichi}, \textit{ni}, and
+\textit{san} instead of $a_1$, $a_2$, $a_3$, specify the option
+``\textit{atoms}~${'}a$ = \textit{ichi~ni~san}''. The default names can be
+overridden on a per-type basis using the \textit{atoms}~\qty{type} option
+described above.
 Specifies how to uncurry the value displayed for a variable or constant.
 Uncurrying sometimes increases the readability of the output for high-arity