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 are unsound, meaning that they can give rise to spurious proofs
 (unreconstructible using \textit{metis}). The supported type encodings are
 listed below, with an indication of their soundness in parentheses.
-An asterisk (*) indicates that the encodings sometimes lead to reconstruction
-failures in \textit{metis}, unless the \emph{strict} option (described below) is
+An asterisk (*) means that the encoding is slightly incomplete for
+reconstruction with \textit{metis}, unless the \emph{strict} option (described
+below) is enabled.
 \item[\labelitemi] \textbf{\textit{erased} (very unsound):} No type information is
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 {\small See also \textit{max\_new\_mono\_instances} (\S\ref{relevance-filter})
 and \textit{max\_mono\_iters} (\S\ref{relevance-filter}).}
 Specifies whether Sledgehammer should run in its strict mode. In that mode,
-sound type encodings marked with an asterisk (*) above are made more reliable
+sound type encodings marked with an asterisk (*) above are made complete
 for reconstruction with \textit{metis}, at the cost of some clutter in the
 generated problems. This option has no effect if \textit{type\_enc} is
 deliberately set to an unsound encoding.