proper NEWS according to current situation;
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proper NEWS according to current situation;
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 overrides this: then all defining and referencing positions are shown.
 See also option "jedit_focus_modifier".
-* Auto nitpick is enabled by default: it is now reasonably fast due to
-Kodkod invocation within Isabelle/Scala.
 * The jEdit status line includes widgets both for JVM and ML heap usage.
 Ongoing ML ongoing garbage collection is shown as "ML cleanup".
@@ -134,7 +131,8 @@
 * Nitpick/Kodkod may be invoked directly within the running
 Isabelle/Scala session (instead of an external Java process): this
 improves reactivity and saves resources. This experimental feature is
-guarded by system option "kodkod_scala" (default: true).
+guarded by system option "kodkod_scala" (default: true in PIDE
+interaction, false in batch builds).
 * Simproc "defined_all" and rewrite rule "subst_all" perform more
 aggressive substitution with variables from assumptions.