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 Note that @{text"\<tau>\<^isub>1 * \<tau>\<^isub>2"} is the type of pairs, also written @{text"\<tau>\<^isub>1 \<times> \<tau>\<^isub>2"}.
+Pairs can be taken apart either by pattern matching (as above) or with the
+projection functions @{const fst} and @{const snd}: @{thm fst_conv} and @{thm snd_conv}. Tuples are simulated by pairs nested to the right: @{term"(a,b,c)"}
+abbreviates @{text"(a, (b, c))"} and @{text "\<tau>\<^isub>1 \<times> \<tau>\<^isub>2 \<times> \<tau>\<^isub>3"} abbreviates
+@{text "\<tau>\<^isub>1 \<times> (\<tau>\<^isub>2 \<times> \<tau>\<^isub>3)"}.