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 Subject: Announcing Isabelle2018
-Isabelle2018 is now available.
+Isabelle2019 is now available.
-This version introduces many changes over Isabelle2017: see the NEWS
+This version introduces many changes over Isabelle2018: see the NEWS
 file for further details. Here are some notable points:
-* Improved infix notation within terms.
+* Improved "Isabelle DejaVu" font collection, suitable for text and GUI.
-* Improved syntax for formal comments, within terms and other languages.
+* Various Isabelle/jEdit improvements, with virtual file-system access to
+sessions and exports.
-* Improved management of ROOT files and session-qualified theories.
+* Improved headless PIDE session (and server).
-* Various improvements of document preparation.
-* Many Isabelle/jEdit improvements, including semantic IDE for BibTeX.
+* HOL: 'export_code' now generates logical files in the theory and session
+context, e.g. browsable as "isabelle-export:" in Isabelle/jEdit.
-* Numerous HOL library improvements, including HOL-Algebra.
+* HOL: various syntax and library improvements.
-* Substantial additions to HOL-Analysis.
+* HOL-Analysis: more material and better organization.
-* HOL-Library.Code_Lazy: code generation for lazy evaluation.
+* Isabelle/ML environments for separate SML applications.
-* HOL-Real_Asymp: tools for semi-automatic real asymptotics.
+* Isabelle/Haskell library for implementation of Isabelle/PIDE backends.
-* Isabelle server for reactive communication with other programs.
+* Installation management for Haskell (Stack) and OCaml (OPAM).
-* More uniform 64-bit platform support: smaller Isabelle application.
+* Update to current Java 11 and Poly/ML 5.8 with better scalability.
-You may get Isabelle2018 from the following mirror sites:
+You may get Isabelle2019 from the following mirror sites:
   Cambridge (UK)
   Munich (Germany)
-  Sydney (Australia)
+  Sydney (Australia)
   Potsdam, NY (USA)