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 *** General Changes ***
-* hierachically structured name spaces (for consts, types, axms,
+* hierachically structured name spaces (for consts, types, axms, thms
 etc.); new lexical class 'longid' (e.g. may render much of
 old input syntactically incorrect (e.g. "%x.x"); COMPATIBILITY:
 isatool fixdots ensures space after dots (e.g. "%x. x"); set
-long_names for fully qualified output names; NOTE: in case of severe
-problems with backward campatibility try setting 'global_names' at
-compile time to disable qualified names for theories; may also fine
-tune theories via 'global' and 'local' section;
+long_names for fully qualified output names; NOTE: ML programs
+(special tactics, packages etc.) referring to internal names may have
+to be adapted to cope with fully qualified names; in case of severe
+backward campatibility problems try setting 'global_names' at compile
+time to have enrything declared within a flat name space; one may also
+fine tune name declarations in theories via the 'global' and 'local'
 * reimplemented the implicit simpset and claset using the new anytype
 data filed in signatures; references simpset:simpset ref etc. are
@@ -29,6 +32,8 @@
 * defs may now be conditional; improved rewrite_goals_tac to handle
 conditional equations;
+* defs now admits additional type arguments, using TYPE('a) syntax;
 * theory aliases via merge (e.g. M=A+B+C) no longer supported, always
 creates a new theory node; implicit merge of thms' signatures is
 restricted to 'trivial' ones; COMPATIBILITY: one may have to use
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 *** Syntax ***
+* TYPE('a) syntax for type reflection terms;
 * no longer handles consts with name "" -- declare as 'syntax' instead;
 * pretty printer: changed order of mixfix annotation preference (again!);