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 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}.tar.gz"><strong>{ISABELLE}</strong></a> <img
 src="{ISABELLE}/lib/images/new.gif" alt="[new]"> - sneak preview of
-the forthcoming Isabelle98 release: <a
+the forthcoming Isabelle98-1 release: <a
 href="{ISABELLE}/README.html">README</a>, <a
 href="{ISABELLE}.tar.gz">archive</a> ({PACKED_SIZE}K), same <a
 href="{ISABELLE}">unpacked</a> ({UNPACKED_SIZE}K).
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 <p> Isabelle documentation (as included in the distribution):
+<li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/tutorial.dvi">Tutorial on Isabelle/HOL</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/intro.dvi">Introduction to Isabelle</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/ref.dvi">The Isabelle Reference Manual</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/system.dvi">The Isabelle System Manual</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/logics.dvi">Isabelle's Object-Logics</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/ind-defs.dvi">(Co)Inductive Definitions in ZF</a>
 <li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/axclass.dvi">Tutorial on Axiomatic Type Classes</a>
-<li> <a href="{ISABELLE}/doc/tutorial.dvi">Tutorial on Isabelle/HOL</a>
 <li> Past releases (from Cambridge): <a
+href="">Isabelle98</a> | <a
 | <a