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-<li> <b><a href="Bali/">Isabelle/Bali</a></b> Java and JVM
+<li> <b><a href="Bali/index.html">Isabelle/Bali</a></b> Java and JVM
 formalization --- type system, semantics, compilers
-<li> <b><a href="Isar/">Isabelle/Isar</a></b> Intelligible
+<li> <b><a href="Isar/index.html">Isabelle/Isar</a></b> Intelligible
 semi-automated reasoning --- readable formal proof documents
-<li><b><a href="IOA/">Isabelle/IOA</a></b> Verification of
+<li><b><a href="IOA/index.html">Isabelle/IOA</a></b> Verification of
 distributed, reactive systems using I/O Automata
 <li> <b>Isabelle/HOOL</b> Object-oriented verification of
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 <b>Important local information:</b> Students are welcome to
-participate, see <a href="stud/">Isabelle Projekte für Studenten</a>
-(in German) for more information.
+participate, see <a href="stud/index.html">Isabelle Projekte für
+Studenten</a> (in German) for more information.
 <h2>Isabelle resources</h2>
-<li> Isabelle <a href="dist/">distribution area</a>
+<li> Isabelle <a href="dist/index.html">distribution area</a>
 <li> Isabelle online theory library: <a
-href="library-Isabelle99/">Isabelle99</a>, <a
+href="library-Isabelle99/index.html">Isabelle99</a>, <a