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 Isabelle2016 is now available.
-This version improves upon Isabelle2015 in numerous ways, see the NEWS
-file in the distribution for further details. Some highlights are as
+This version improves upon Isabelle2015 in many ways, see the NEWS file in the
+distribution for further details. Some highlights are as follows:
+* Enhanced Isabelle/jEdit Prover IDE, with separate State versus Output panel
+and more asynchronous task management within the prover/GUI.
+* Additional Isar language elements for structured statements and proofs.
+* Document language refinements, with Markdown-like text structure.
+* More Isabelle symbols in theory and document sources.
+* Pure/HOL: uniform treatment of overloaded constant definitions versus type
+definitions; upgrade of HOL typedef to definitional principle.
+* HOL tool enhancements: quickcheck, sledgehammer, nitpick, transfer.
+* Many HOL library improvements, including advanced topological concepts and
+integration theory ported from HOL Light.
+* Upgrade to Poly/ML 5.6 with debugger IDE for Isabelle/ML and Standard ML,
+per-thread profiling, native support for Windows (32bit and 64bit).
 You may get Isabelle2016 from the following mirror sites: