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--- a/src/HOL/Probability/Essential_Supremum.thy	Wed Aug 15 16:09:44 2018 +0200
+++ b/src/HOL/Probability/Essential_Supremum.thy	Wed Jul 11 11:16:26 2018 +0200
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@
   case True
   then have [measurable]: "(\<lambda>x. f x + g x) \<in> borel_measurable M" by auto
   have "f x + g x \<le> esssup M f + esssup M g" if "f x \<le> esssup M f" "g x \<le> esssup M g" for x
-    using that ereal_add_mono by auto
+    using that add_mono by auto
   then have "AE x in M. f x + g x \<le> esssup M f + esssup M g"
     using esssup_AE[of f M] esssup_AE[of g M] by auto
   then show ?thesis using esssup_I by auto