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 \newblock {IMPS}: An interactive mathematical proof system,
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+Frost, J.,
+\newblock A case study of co-induction in {Isabelle},
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 Hennessy, M.,
 \newblock {\em The Semantics of Programming Languages: An Elementary
@@ -74,11 +79,21 @@
 \newblock {\em Communication and Concurrency},
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+Milner, R., Tofte, M.,
+\newblock Co-induction in relational semantics,
+\newblock {\em Theoretical Comput. Sci. {\bf 87}\/} (1991), 209--220
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+\newblock More {Church-Rosser} proofs (in {Isabelle/HOL}),
+\newblock Tech. rep., T. U. Munich, 1996
 Paulin-Mohring, C.,
 \newblock Inductive definitions in the system {Coq}: Rules and properties,
@@ -90,18 +105,6 @@
 \newblock {\em Logic and Computation: Interactive proof with Cambridge LCF},
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-Paulson, L.~C.,
-\newblock {\em {ML} for the Working Programmer},
-\newblock Cambridge Univ. Press, 1991
-Paulson, L.~C.,
-\newblock Co-induction and co-recursion in higher-order logic,
-\newblock Tech. Rep. 304, Comp. Lab., Univ. Cambridge, July 1993,
-\newblock To appear in the Festscrift for Alonzo Church, edited by A. Anderson
-  and M. Zeleny
 Paulson, L.~C.,
 \newblock Introduction to {Isabelle},
@@ -117,6 +120,12 @@
 \newblock Set theory for verification: {II}. {Induction} and recursion,
 \newblock {\em J. Auto. Reas. {\bf 15}}, 2 (1995), 167--215
+Paulson, L.~C.,
+\newblock Mechanizing coinduction and corecursion in higher-order logic,
+\newblock {\em J. Logic and Comput.\/} (1996),
+\newblock In press
 Paulson, L.~C.,
 \newblock A concrete final coalgebra theorem for {ZF} set theory,
@@ -124,17 +133,35 @@
   '94}\/} (published 1995), P.~Dybjer, B.~Nordstr{\"om},, J.~Smith, Eds., LNCS
   996, Springer, pp.~120--139
+Paulson, L.~C., Gr\c{a}bczewski, K.,
+\newblock Mechanizing set theory: Cardinal arithmetic and the axiom of choice,
+\newblock {\em J. Auto. Reas.\/} (1996),
+\newblock In press
 Pitts, A.~M.,
 \newblock A co-induction principle for recursively defined domains,
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+Rasmussen, O.,
+\newblock The {Church-Rosser} theorem in {Isabelle}: A proof porting
+  experiment,
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+  1995
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+Slind, K.,
+\newblock Function definition in higher-order logic,
+\newblock Tech. rep., T. U. Munich, 1996
 Szasz, N.,
 \newblock A machine checked proof that {Ackermann's} function is not primitive
@@ -142,4 +169,16 @@
 \newblock In {\em Logical Environments}, G.~Huet, G.~Plotkin, Eds. Cambridge
   Univ. Press, 1993, pp.~317--338
+V\"olker, N.,
+\newblock On the representation of datatypes in {Isabelle/HOL},
+\newblock In {\em Proceedings of the First Isabelle Users Workshop\/} (Sept.
+  1995), L.~C. Paulson, Ed., Technical Report 379, Comp. Lab., Univ. Cambridge,
+  pp.~206--218
+Winskel, G.,
+\newblock {\em The Formal Semantics of Programming Languages},
+\newblock MIT Press, 1993