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-src="cambridge.gif" width=145 border=0 align=right alt="[Cambridge
-logo]"></a> <a href=""><img
-src="munich.gif" width=48 border=0 align=right alt="[Munich
-logo]"></a> This page provides general information on Isabelle, more
-specific information is available from the local pages
+src="cambridge.gif" width=145 border=0 align=right
+alt="[Cambridge logo]"></a> <a
+href=""><img src="munich.gif"
+width=48 border=0 align=right alt="[Munich logo]"></a> This page
+provides general information on Isabelle, more specific information is
+available from the local pages
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 at Munich</strong></a>
 See there for information on projects done with Isabelle, mailing list
 archives, research papers, the Isabelle bibliography, and Isabelle
 workshops and courses.