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     set_map' ~> set_map
+* Function package: For mutually recursive functions f and g, separate
+cases rules f.cases and g.cases are generated instead of unusable
+f_g.cases which exposed internal sum types. Potential INCOMPATIBILITY,
+in the case that the unusable rule was used nevertheless.
+* Function package: For each function f, new rules f.elims are
+automatically generated, which eliminate equalities of the form "f x =
+* New command "fun_cases" derives ad-hoc elimination rules for
+function equations as simplified instances of f.elims, analogous to
+inductive_cases.  See HOL/ex/Fundefs.thy for some examples.
 * Library/Polynomial.thy:
   - Use lifting for primitive definitions.
   - Explicit conversions from and to lists of coefficients, used for