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Subject: Announcing Isabelle2009

Isabelle2009 is now available.

This release significantly improves upon Isabelle2008, see the NEWS
file in the distribution for more details.  Some important changes

* Complete re-implementation of locales, with proper support for local
syntax, and more robust interpretation mechanism.

* New 'find_consts' and 'find_theorems' facilities, together with
"auto solve" feature of toplevel goal statements.

* HOL: reorganization of main logic images.

* HOL: improved implementation of Sledgehammer, based on generic ATP
manager; support for remote ATPs.

* HOL: numerous library improvements.

* Updated and extended versions of main reference manuals.

* Simplified arrangement of Isabelle startup scripts and settings

* Simplified internal programming interfaces for all Isar language

* General high-level support for concurrent ML programming.

* Parallel proof checking within Isar theories.

* Haskabelle importer from Haskell source files to Isar theories.

You may get Isabelle2009 from the following mirror sites:

  Cambridge (UK)
  Munich (Germany)
  Sydney (Australia)