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                       The Isabelle System Distribution

Version information

   This is the internal repository version of Isabelle.

   See the NEWS file in the distribution for details on user-relevant

System requirements

   Isabelle requires a regular Unix platform (e.g. GNU Linux) with the
   following additional software:
     * A full Standard ML Compiler (works best with Poly/ML 5.2.1).
     * The GNU bash shell (version 3.x or 2.x).
     * Perl (version 5.x).
     * GNU Emacs (version 21, 22, 23) or XEmacs (version 21.4.x)
       -- for the Proof General interface.
     * A complete LaTeX installation -- for document preparation.


   Binary packages are available for Isabelle/HOL and ZF for several
   platforms from the Isabelle web page. The system may be easily
   built from scratch, using the tar.gz source distribution. See file
   INSTALL as distributed with Isabelle for more information.

   Further background information may be found in the Isabelle System
   Manual, distributed with the sources (directory doc).

User interface

   The main Isabelle user interface is Proof General by David Aspinall
   and others. It is a generic Emacs interface for proof assistants,
   including Isabelle. Proof General is suitable for use by pacifists
   and Emacs militants alike. Its most prominent feature is script
   management, providing a metaphor of live proof script editing.
   Proof General also provides some support for mathematical symbols
   displayed on screen.

Other sources of information

  The Isabelle Page

   The Isabelle home page may be accessed both from Cambridge and Munich:

  Mailing list

   The electronic mailing list provides a
   forum for Isabelle users to discuss problems and exchange
   information.  To join, send a message to

  Personal mail

   Lawrence C Paulson
   Computer Laboratory
   University of Cambridge
   JJ Thomson Avenue
   Cambridge CB3 0FD
   Phone: +44-223-763500
   Fax: +44-223-334748


   Tobias Nipkow
   Institut fuer Informatik
   Technische Universitaet Muenchen
   Boltzmannstr. 3
   D-85748 Garching
   Phone: +49-89-289-17302
   Fax: +49-89-289-17307

   Please report any problems you encounter. While we shall try to be
   helpful, we can accept no responsibility for the deficiencies of
   Isabelle and their consequences.