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% further packages required for unusual symbols (see also
% isabellesym.sty), use only when needed

  %for \<leadsto>, \<box>, \<diamond>, \<sqsupset>, \<mho>, \<Join>,
  %\<lhd>, \<lesssim>, \<greatersim>, \<lessapprox>, \<greaterapprox>,
  %\<triangleq>, \<yen>, \<lozenge>

  %option greek for \<euro>
  %option english (default language) for \<guillemotleft>, \<guillemotright>

  %for \<onesuperior>, \<onequarter>, \<twosuperior>, \<onehalf>,
  %\<threesuperior>, \<threequarters>, \<degree>

  %for \<Sqinter>

  %for \<AA> ... \<ZZ>, \<aa> ... \<zz> (also included in amssymb)

  %for \<cent>, \<currency>

% this should be the last package used

% urls in roman style, theory text in math-similar italics

% for uniform font size

\parindent 0pt\parskip 0.5ex



\title{What's in Main}
\author{Tobias Nipkow}


% optional bibliography