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tuned Isar interfaces; tuned IsarThy.theorem_i;

For Isabelle2005:

- update course material slides to new theory headers (Tobias)

- attach additional ML code to consts_code section (Stefan)

- modular generation of ML code with structures (Stefan)

- Library/ExecutableSet.thy (Stefan)

- a global "disprove" menu item both as an action and (if it can be done)
  as a setting (Stefan & Tjark)

- convert fast_lin_arith.ML and cooper_dec.ML to use IntInf (Tobias)

- update or remove ex/MT (Larry)  

- Include IsaPlanner? (Larry to co-ordinate)

- rules -> iprover (Stefan)

- ball, bex and setsum congruence rules (Tobias & Stefan)

- remove this file (Tobias)