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\title{\includegraphics[scale=0.5]{isabelle_jedit} \\[4ex] Isabelle/jEdit}

\author{\emph{Makarius Wenzel}}




  Isabelle/jEdit is a fully-featured Prover IDE, based on Isabelle/Scala and
  the jEdit text editor. This document provides an overview of general
  principles and its main IDE functionality.


  {\small\em Isabelle's user interface is no advance over LCF's, which is
  widely condemned as ``user-unfriendly'': hard to use, bewildering to
  beginners. Hence the interest in proof editors, where a proof can be
  constructed and modified rule-by-rule using windows, mouse, and menus. But
  Edinburgh LCF was invented because real proofs require millions of
  inferences. Sophisticated tools --- rules, tactics and tacticals, the
  language ML, the logics themselves --- are hard to learn, yet they are
  essential. We may demand a mouse, but we need better education and

  Lawrence C. Paulson, ``Isabelle: The Next 700 Theorem Provers''



Research and implementation of concepts around PIDE and Isabelle/jEdit has
started around 2008 and was kindly supported by:
\item TU M\"unchen \url{}
\item BMBF \url{}
\item Universit\'e Paris-Sud \url{}
\item Digiteo \url{}
\item ANR \url{}

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