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\title{\includegraphics[scale=0.5]{isabelle_isar} \\[4ex] The Isabelle/Isar Reference Manual}
\author{\emph{Markus Wenzel} \\ TU M\"unchen}




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  \emph{Intelligible semi-automated reasoning} (\emph{Isar}) is a generic
  approach to readable formal proof documents.  It sets out to bridge the
  semantic gap between any internal notions of proof based on primitive
  inferences and tactics, and an appropriate level of abstraction for
  user-level work.  The Isar formal proof language has been designed to
  satisfy quite contradictory requirements, being both ``declarative'' and
  immediately ``executable'', by virtue of the \emph{Isar/VM} interpreter.
  The current version of Isabelle offers Isar as an alternative proof language
  interface layer, beyond traditional tactic scripts.  The Isabelle/Isar
  system provides an interpreter for the Isar formal proof document language.
  Isabelle/Isar input may consist either of \emph{proper document
    constructors}, or \emph{improper auxiliary commands} (for diagnostics,
  exploration etc.).  Proof texts consisting of proper document constructors
  only, admit a purely static reading, thus being intelligible later without
  requiring dynamic replay that is so typical for traditional proof scripts.
  Any of the Isabelle/Isar commands may be executed in single-steps, so
  basically the interpreter has a proof text debugger already built-in.
  Employing the Isar instantiation of \emph{Proof~General}, the generic Emacs
  interface for interactive proof assistants of LFCS Edinburgh, we arrive at a
  reasonable environment for \emph{live document editing}.  Thus proof texts
  may be developed incrementally by issuing proper document constructors,
  including forward and backward tracing of partial documents; intermediate
  states may be inspected by diagnostic commands.
  The Isar subsystem is tightly integrated into the Isabelle/Pure meta-logic
  implementation.  Theories, theorems, proof procedures etc.\ may be used
  interchangeably between Isabelle-classic proof scripts and Isabelle/Isar
  documents.  Isar is as generic as Isabelle, able to support a wide range of
  object-logics.  The current working environment for end-users is setup
  mainly for Isabelle/HOL.

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